• 600 Sunrise Ave, Roseville, CA 95661


A team of highly trained professionals carefully monitor residents’ physical, emotional, and psychological well-being. They work closely with physicians and family members to coordinate care.

Occupational Therapists focus on ADL (activities of daily living), to restore independence by strengthening upper and lower body extremities and re-training functional mobility.

Physical Therapists focus on neurological and muscular therapy to restore residents to their previous level of functioning. Our therapists work with residents to strengthen lower body extremities, and to restore balance and gait that will facilitate secure mobility.

Speech Therapists specialize in the evaluation and treatment of communication, swallowing and cognition disorders. We address swallowing difficulties, and prescribe individual diets to prevent aspiration. We are proud of the large number of residents we weaned off tube-feeding, and restored to normal eating habits.

Wound Care Consultant Nurse assesses wound; plans treatment; implements treatment, and evaluates results according to doctor’s orders.

Certified and Experienced IV Nurse performs IV Treatments aimed at hydration and administration of antibiotics.

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